The BEST show to come on TV in a long time.
The plot centers around Walter White, a chemistry teacher with nothing going right. He doesn't get paid enough, his son has cerebral palsy, his wife is pregnant, and to top it all off, he has lung cancer. So the only logical way to raise money is to use his skills in chemistry to cook up some really "good" meth and sell it with the help of his former student-turned-pusher. It also doesn't help that his brother in law is in the DEA. Bryan Cranston, known as the wacky father and only saving grace of that disgraceful malcolm in the middle show, plays Walter to perfection.
If you haven't seen this show...WATCH IT!
Breaking Bad, on AMC on sunday nights.
by Joey Boombatz February 25, 2008
Sometimes, life forces you to cross the line. You're going about your normal everyday routine, when suddenly something truly awful happens and all that pent-up rage you feel about your job, your marriage, your very existence, is released with unstoppable fury. Some call it "reaching the breaking point"; others call it "breaking bad."

Breaking Bad (v.) 1. to challenge convention 2. to defy authority 3. to raise hell
by RShinra March 25, 2009
When high school chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Craston) of Albequerque, NM is diagnosed with lung cancer, he resorts to cooking methamphetamine with a former junkie student to provide for chemotherapy, his 7-month pregnant wife and his son who suffers from cerebral paulsy.
A.K.A. The greatest show on Netflix
A.K.A. The greatest show on earth
Guy 1: hey, you seen Breaking Bad
Guy 2: saw like the first episode but it looks pretty stupid
(Guy 1 proceeds to violently strangle Guy 2)
by WalterWhite May 30, 2013
A hypnosis show that makes you talk uncontrollably about it for hours on end.
TV: Breaking bad is the best show ever made. You will never stop talking about breaking bad or The Wire.

Me: Breaking bad is the best show ever made. You will never stop talking about breaking bad or The Wire.
by cclloyd January 14, 2013
Breaking bad - to change from a good person to a bad person; to go crazy; to lose control of yoursef; to go from regular joe to a badass
Setting - Sunday Scool, Bible Studies

Kid 1: Hey can I date your lil' sister?
Kid 2: Dude if you touch my sister I'm going to go breaking bad on your ass, tie you up and throw you in the trunk, you know I keep trash bags with me! Never know when ya' gotta dump a nigga' off! I'll cut you up and keep you in my mattress like drug money!
Kid 1: Oh, sorry I asked
Kid 2: It's cool man...
by UpUpNAway August 14, 2013
A TV show about a chemistry teacher and a meth dealer cooking in an RV in the middle of the desert.
"Dude, I’m currently on the fourth season of Breaking Bad."
by I.M. Abdullah July 27, 2022
It’s about some old guy going through a midlife crisis but instead a buying a sports car he cooks meth in his winnabego.
Tod: hey bill have you should watch this show

Bill: what is it

Tod: it’s super underground, you’ve probably never heard of it.

Bill: what is it

Tod: it’s called breaking Bad
Bill: go fuck yourself
by .I hate myself. January 27, 2020