A journey, generally referring to one long and with much peril. Also the English transliteration of a Greek epic written by Homer depicting the twenty year journey of Odysseus to return home.
The Donner Party embarked on a perilous odyssey that many would never return from.
by TheCurse January 12, 2005
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Odyssey is a very loving and caring person she is very sweet and is the funniest person you will meet. She is very pretty and is usually mixed with a few races which makes her even prettier. She has a big booty.She is the best girlfriend and can be shy when she meets a boy that she likes. She is very sexual at times and makes sexual jokes. But is very nice to everyome and has a large amount of friends and has even more aquaintances.
Hey you know Odyssey?
Yea I love Odyssey she's the best!
Ikr i wish i could be her friend!
by Jamescharles1 April 20, 2019
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A Honda minivan that only over-protective soccer moms want to drive but their teenage kids get stuck with as their first car. Early 2000 models looked like giant hearses.
"So what did you get for your birthday?"

"My parents got me a car..."

"Wow that's so cool! What kind of car?"

"It's our 10 year old Honda Odyssey."
by LenisWenis October 27, 2017
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A method of torture used by high school English teachers. The Odyssey is a book about some guy who fights in a war and then disappears...his son finds him......don't read this book......just read the cliff notes

English teacher: The Odyssey is considered to be the best novel ever written!!!
Me: Yeah, LOL
by bawdy November 23, 2007
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A call of duty editing team consisting of teenage virgins that put on bandanas and pretend to be in a gang for internet clout.
'Woah, that kid joined Odyssey!'
by Asamiiii November 22, 2018
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To have such good intercourse that one’s proverbial brain falls out, causing an insane feeling of ectasy and braindeadness, bassically
Girl, my boyfriend was railing me so hard i went on an odyssey
by Jackinator84 September 5, 2022
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