3 definitions by Fenway Nickel

1. American bonehead.
2. Pull a Homer: to succeed despite idiocy.
"Looks like I just pulled a Homer!"
- Magic Johnson, after slipping on water and having the ball fly out of his hands, off a ref's head, and into the basket for the game winning three pointer.
by Fenway Nickel January 25, 2004
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The opposite of dank. When something is totally unkind, and full of hate instead of love. Bad things.
Hippie 1: "I was in the lot after a phish show and some dude stole my wallet."

Hippie 2: "Brother, that is some jank ass shit."

Hippie 1: "Totally!"
by Fenway Nickel September 11, 2003
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To be so "high" on the reefer that your face takes on a beatific grin. You see, know, and are one with God, i.e., Jah Rastafari.
That stoney fuck over there is stoned immaculate.
by Fenway Nickel January 22, 2004
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