the patriarch of The Simpsons funnier more for his more recent stupidity than his classic catch phrases.
"Homer's Odyssey? Is this about the time i rented that minivan?"
by ColdFusion July 12, 2003
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An act of gayness, boy on boy relations is what makes one a homer
He just kissed a boy what a homer
by Bdussy Boi November 22, 2020
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A sports official that is blatently calling games for the home team. Typically found in high school and ametuer sporting events.
"I can't believe that ref called him for ruffing the passer. He didn't even touch him!"

"Yeah, that ref is a total homer!"
by k. jordan July 27, 2007
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(N.) Homer - The big, fat, balding Kwijibo, apelike character from The Simpsons. Also known as the American Bonehead.
(V.) Homer, Pull a - To suceed despite idiocy.
I tried to juggle three bowling balls, only to have them drop onto my right foot, but first met my girlfriend in the Hospital, after they put some bandages on it. I sure did pull a Homer that day!
by G-Union August 16, 2003
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Noun; American bonehead
To pull a Homer: To suceed despite idiocy.
Magic Johnson slipped on the ground whilst carrying the basketball, andit flew out of his hands into the hoop.
"Looks like I pulled a Homer!"
by The Fat Emu May 21, 2003
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(noun) Something great done by accident.
Homer Simpson gambled with many lives when he tried "Eny-miny-moe" one the deactivation button at the power plant, but guessed correctly. His statement "Looks as if I made a Homer!"
by GoguyJA May 6, 2003
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When someone is just about to die
It's such a shame, John is homer.
by Ashton230907 February 20, 2020
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