A small, simple town in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, where people are just a different breed, commonly referred to as Little Shreveport , also home to America’s Police Department
“Hey man I tell ya what, that little bastard is as crazy as some Homer, Louisiana people”
Person from any other town in Claiborne Parish: “Man I heard 2 gunshots last night”
Homer people: “damn glad things stayed quiet for y’all”
by TrevChach February 24, 2020
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Homer is the unfortunate mascot of the Home Depot, Atlanta's projection of how their own workers are expected to come across: Dumpy, overweight, short, cartoonish, caricaturized, and unwilling to make eye contact with you.
"What in the world am I looking at? Dopey showed up?"
"Nah. That's actually Homer."
by James Headfield March 10, 2020
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Someone who stays home all the time.
Instead of going to the beach with his friends, Justin stayed home watching re-runs of Breaking Bad because he’s a homer.
by theauthormarkwilkins January 30, 2017
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the patriarch of The Simpsons funnier more for his more recent stupidity than his classic catch phrases.
"Homer's Odyssey? Is this about the time i rented that minivan?"
by ColdFusion July 12, 2003
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An act of gayness, boy on boy relations is what makes one a homer
He just kissed a boy what a homer
by Bdussy Boi November 22, 2020
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1.) A knucklehead or idiot who's ignorant of the world around them. They lack self awareness and are oblivious to what they say and their own actions.

2.) A blind chauvinist that displays uncritical loyalty and enthusiasm towards a team, organization, leader, band, institution, etc in spite of their obvious faults and shortcomings. Usually belligerent to criticism no matter how constructive or benign it is to their entity they blindly and uncritically support.

3.) People who never learn from their mistakes or never learn period. See definition #1.
I'm no longer friends with him because he's such a homer. I didn't like his attitude nor could I tolerate his ignorance and lack of respect for others. He'll never learn from his own action nor see the light.
by Preston Pierce November 24, 2011
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