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1. A large, brutish creature of European myth, often lacking in intelligence. Sometimes compared to the Japanese oni.
2. A dumbass who makes idiotic posts in message boards newsgroups for the sole purpose of pissing people off, often lacking in intelligence. Sometimes compared to people who pass you by on the sidewalk then grab you in inappropriate places.
1. "AAAAAAHH, it's a troll!"
"Protect the women and children! Grab your torches!"
2. "AAAAAAHH, it's a troll!"
"****head... we banned him five times and he keeps making new accounts about how he pwns all and that he>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>j00!"
by Syckls August 15, 2004

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A show on PBS that tries to make science fun. The titular science guy is a big fan of chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and pretty much all science barring social science. A show that you don't appreciate the value of until you get to watch it in school.
Without doubt, Bill Nye the Science Guy is the most fun part about science class. There's nothing like taking a break from writing down notes and just sitting back and watching Bill Nye. Even if you don't find it entertaining, hey, it's a movie.
by Syckls October 11, 2005

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Homer Simpson, moronic head of the animated Simpson's family. Voted greatest American of all time (beating out presidents like Abraham Lincoln) in a UK poll.
*Homer after hearing the news* D'oh! Wait a sec... d'oh!
by Syckls September 02, 2004

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Venomous yellow and black-striped insect responsible for the production of honey. Known for bumble and killer varieties.
Once I have finished with the humans, I shall begin my war against... THE BEES!
by syckls May 09, 2005

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A series of tactical role-playing games (TRPG) developed by Intelligent Systems. Having been released only in Japan, the series achieved minimal popularity if any at all outside the country where it originated. However, due to the release of the Fire Emblem characters Marth (Fire Emblem 1) and Roy (Fire Emblem 6) with the game Super Smash Bros. Melee, the series experienced surprising demand from the USA and Europe. As a result, Fire Emblem 7: Rekka no Ken was released in the United States as a GBA title simply named Fire Emblem. As of the writing, this release has been followed up by Fire Emblem 8: Seima no Kouseki. It is well known for the unique feature that characters who die remain dead for the entire adventure and cannot possibly be revived (with some rare exceptions in earlier games).
No, fools. Marth and Roy are not in the next game. Shut up.
by Syckls June 16, 2005

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1. int. a term often used by the heroic cast of the graphic novel series Bone, whenever the two main rat creatures do something unquestionably stupid

2. int. a term used to show disgust towards people who have done something really stupid, usu. when this results in major inconvenience to you and/or them and usu. with "rat creatures" substituted for the people you wish to insult
"Those rat creatures would have to be pretty stupid to follow me on this frail, little branch!" - Fone Bone
"Stupid, stupid rat creatures!" - Fone Bone when the rat creatures follow him on the frail, little branch
by Syckls June 28, 2003

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Ostensibly a man who either is or has something to do with a triangle. Hates Particle Man and Person Man. Wins every fight.
Triangle Man, Triangle Man,
Triangle Man hates Particle Man,
They have a fight, Triangle wins,
Triangle Man!

by Syckls August 24, 2006

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