14 definitions by ColdFusion

an animal suggested by a daughter of Ron Howard in an episode of The Simpsons. it only sings three times a day.
"Hurry daddy or we'll miss the fantastipotamus! She only sings three times a day!"
by ColdFusion July 12, 2003
The correct plural of penis which almost no-one knows about. Simple latin is beyond the average American.
"As they removed their pants, i got the feeling i was in a great redwood forest of penes, waving all around me."
by ColdFusion July 17, 2003
a high-powered fighting robot evolved from a combination of insect/reptile life and strange metal called 'zoid lignite/magnite'. they come from planet zi and have been bred/evolved into machines that humans can ride in/pilot.
let's have us a zoid battle!
by ColdFusion August 8, 2003
The trickle of semen following ejaculation (often by several minutes), which can be unexpected and make an unplanned mess.
"I felt something cold, then checked and, lo and behold, my underwear had fallen victim to penis puddle."
"Crap, penis puddle. I gotta change underwears before it dries and I gotta peel the damn thing off"
by ColdFusion December 22, 2004
Milly Thompson, the character from Trigun. Partner of Meryl Strife and incredibly tall, hot chick. She's ironically a lightweight and strips when she drinks.
"Put your clothes back on, Milly!"
by ColdFusion July 17, 2003
Literally "golden eggs"
Japanese slang for testicles. Not to be confused for golden pillows which is what Son Goku called his grandfather's testicles (used as pillows) in Dragon Ball. Don't look at me that way...
Cracked him right in the kintama, she did!
by ColdFusion November 5, 2004
abbr. of Beaver especially as a nickname of a nickname of one Robert "Beaver" Cleaver.
"Hey Beav, why don't you commit acts of wanton destruction with me?" "Gee, I dunno Wally."
by ColdFusion July 12, 2003