oh wow, 3% rail... he must be homer
by xamot(brian) April 27, 2003
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Bobby and Bill went down to the park last night to hit a couple of homers
by Salinas Guy May 10, 2009
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the grizzle bitch of Warwick Valley High
Homer was lonly so she hooked up with a nice round dounut
by Suck one UP December 11, 2003
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Someone who is in a group of people wandering around.
#1-Look at Larry, tagging along with those gangstas.
#2-Ya he thinks he's just so cool.
#1-What a wanna-be!
#3-Nah! He's not a wanna-be. He's just a homer.
#1 and #2-Homer?!
#3-Ya. He's just one of those guys that kinda wander round aimlessly. Yaknow?
by homie(: March 17, 2009
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In sportcasting, having a bias toward your hometown team or toward the team for which you play/used to play.
The local newspapers practice homerism, predicting that the hometown teams will win and complaining about the refs when the local teams lose.
by wsws August 23, 2009
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Homere is a male name of disputed origins which means "bringer of fun and joy", anyone named Homere has a lot of pressure as they will be expected to be humble, kind, generous, friendly, funny, musical, a good citizen, culturally eclectic, fashionable, intelligent and friends with peoples of all backgrounds.
Person 1: I think I would like to name my future son Homere

Person 2: If you're gonna name your son Homere, you better pray that the child becomes awesome, that name is a lot to live up to
by bt83 November 27, 2010
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A situation when the home referees favor the home team over the visitors.
He obviously got fouled while shooting a basket, but he got homered and there was no call.
by KGeezy February 3, 2009
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