1. Name given to a classification of shots made in the game of basketball. A three pointer is accomplished when the player with the ball successfully makes his shot behind the three-point line. Worth three points due to great distance that shot was made from.
2. Last hope for white guys in the NBA.

Failure to make the three pointer commonly results in an airball and much mockery.

Note: Three pointers are often shot from “downtown.”
Larry: Hey bitches, watch as I make this three pointer with my eyes closed.
Larry: Kobe!
by The Legendary Ironwood June 11, 2006
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An ejaculation that hits your partner in the face while laying next to you.
After giving me head, my girl was laid up with me when she jerked me off, so I busted a three pointer. "Oh shit! You hit me in the face!", she exclaimed. From downtown -- nothing but net.
by Agile September 8, 2006
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n. a piss and a shit. Number 1 plus number 2 equals 3.
Dude, man, I gotta take a three pointer.
by tneveca August 27, 2009
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a means to score 3 points; placed in basketball to give the white man a chance; used to brighten up the world of basketball
He put back some vanilla in that cup of chocolate ice cream;
if it wasn't for the three pointer, the nba would be a dark place;
by tickle me pink April 19, 2008
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the shot that the NBA invented to give white boys a chance.
jenny: "man! brad scores more points than jamal orr bon qui qui"
bonifa: "thats just because of the three pointer! he's not nearly as good."
by barbisha August 26, 2009
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Dude1: Brah, why are your shoes wet?
Dude2: Just dropped a heavy three pointer and got all types of splash back on my socks
by Elmo's dick March 15, 2019
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When you are jacking off and land most or all of your cum into your belly button.
Wow dude I just hit a three pointer last night in bed!
by notstevebuscemi August 10, 2017
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