Sexiest Rare Name ever. The kind of people that have this name is one of a kind.
"Saying Holman just gives me an orgasm in my pants," said Sarah.

"OMG its Holman," Kim faints.
by AznFlareKnight April 14, 2010
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When a man holes up on his friends kitchen floor after carousing around like a drunken fiend; unable to care for himself. Usually occuring after heavy drinking and/or being an obnoxious member of a social scene at a venue serving liquor. A true Holmaning event will usually lead the person in the act to urinate on themselves and may lead to a guilt quilt the next day.
Kirk: Bro, you totally got drunk, passed out on my floor and pissed your pants last night. You're lucky I drove you home!
Tyler: Yeah, I guess I am guilty of Holmaning. My bad.
by Yogi the Witness May 23, 2013
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means person with incredibly hairy groin.
oh man, i'm a holman.
by Zafuy August 18, 2008
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Player whose name is often used to fool idiots who believe Australian players can actually end up at a shit club such as Arsenal.
Everyone: Hey Raiyan, Brett Holman is now at Arsenal.
Idiot: Serious? @#$%^&* (swears in Bengali)
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If you know a sam Holman he may seem nice but is actually a total asshat! He starts drama and blames it on other people. Wow such a asshat
Have you met Sam Holman?
He’s such a asshat
by Yeeter my meeter January 10, 2019
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An Amazing girl who is the envy of all those around her.she has an amazing personality and is in love with a weird guy. she has the best body known to man and boobs to match. she has eyes you could drown in and her smile could melt the polar ice caps. she is the finest creation in existence.
dude i know she was sooooooooo hot!
Ashley Holman!!!
by Zaw<3AAJH November 28, 2010
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Barry Holman is the nicest most good guy you will ever meet. If you ever meet someone named Barry Holman marry them.
Barry Holman saved my dog yesterday from dying, what a nice guy!
by stevenholman January 27, 2022
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