Hocker, meaning to hack some shit up and spit.
by Randy July 28, 2004
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Similar to a "tool," a hocker is a loser or a jerk. While the word itself is not all that offensive, it is certainly derogatory. Calling someone a hocker denotes displeasure that is often coupled with a lack of respect for that person. Essentially, calling someone a hocker indicates disdain and a feeling of superiority to that person.
You hocker! I cannot believe you didn't save me a slice of pizza.
by jdim October 10, 2005
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A hooker or slut who enjoys hockey.
My hocker girlfriend flashed the goalie in order for our team to score.
by postamessage January 12, 2004
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The hocker is a sexual position whereas a female (or male if you are into that sort of thing) is laying on her/his back on a bed or other raised platform, with their head falling off the edge, and you, standing insert your penis into their open mouth at the same time cutting off their air stream by letting your ball sac cover their nostrils–as you proceed with a rhythmic pumping motion-which leads to a sound resembling a "hock-hock"
Man - Do you know Hocker?
Woman - No, who is he?
Man - Lay down on the bed and drop that pretty little head and I'll introduce you
Woman - "hock, hock, hock"
by FatmanInSD August 30, 2010
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A large pair of typically juicy breasts found primarly in regions of redneck heritage
I’m gunna take a long look at those big ham hockers, while I play with my cocker.
by Ebfantastic January 27, 2018
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Joey: Can i please scab a cigarette??
Prozzy: Listen kid, I'm not out here all night hockin' my box just to give you a cigarette!!
Joey: fine, you filthy box-hocker!!
by boxhockinwhore October 12, 2011
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When you lift the top off a toilet and take a shit in it, causing a disgusting job for the person who has to clean it up. First publicly referenced in American Pie; Beta House, when the guy takes a dump in the top of the john while yelling Hocker Knocker baby!
Dude 1: So did you score with that chick who took you to her house last night?
Dude 2: No man she was a total prude and I couldn't get any
Dude 1: So what'd you do?
Dude 2: I pulled a hocker knocker and ditched that bitch!
by IhadTo CleanItUp January 24, 2008
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