cocker_ my friend , mate , pal.
Alright cocker, {or even alright cock} means alright mate? how are you? I have seen some {possibly} American posts on here saying cock/cocker is a rude name or derogatory term, it may be overseas but here in our nations capital {London} its a traditional way to hail a dear friend.
by A London girl November 19, 2018
Term used in Northern England especially by the older generation meaning "buddy" or "mate"
"Ya alright cocker?"

"Cheers cocker"
by poo legs May 31, 2004
A slang term for the Autococker Paintball gun.
Will you use your new cocker in the next game?

No I will use the old cocker, cuz the new one inst ready.
by Hi January 5, 2004
My girlfriend Kirsten told me to go to the bar and grab a cocker and I am now facing criminal charges for sexual assault. I wish I knew she meant a Cosmo.
by Carly Wild February 12, 2009
someone who actslike a complete cock - similar to the word dick head but more effective. cockers also play with themselves.
1) that guy called me fat, hes a complete cocker.
2) all my boyfrend does is masturbate- hes such a cocker.
by =)=)=)=)=)=)=) March 9, 2009
A variation on the shocker or spocker, where you put both your balls in her pussy, and your dick in her ass. Still two in the pink one in the stink!
I was doing her in the butt and transitioned into the Cocker when she queefed so hard I ended up with her cum in my ass.
by TimKyleMatt2 March 28, 2009