Coitus interuptus.

Liverpool (UK) slang. Edge Hill is the last station before Liverpool Lime Street. Hence 'getting off at Edge Hill' means not going all the way. (Edge Hill is pronounced "Edge 'ill")

Don't go with her, she'll want you to get off at Edge Hill.

I got married: I was fed up of getting off at Edge Hill.
by Albert Stein February 6, 2008
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To be in the wrong state of mind; you're emotions are out of control, you don't say the right things, it's hard to concentrate on one simple thing, etc.
John snapped on Ms. Davidson because she told him to stop talking, and he hasn't been doing his work. He must be off edge.
by The Cool Ass Nigga December 5, 2014
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Just beyond the standard definition of ‘normal’ in society, but not quite off the deep end. Frequently associated with constant usage of mild hallucinogens.
John: “I’ve been so done with everyone’s shit lately, I just put a fuckton of salt in my teacher’s coffee when he wasn’t looking.”
Brad: “Damn, you kinda going off the edge, for real.”
by Details808 October 30, 2021
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