the head of ur dick
thinking with ur dick
he just thinks with his little head
by Tyler "Thunder" Jones January 1, 2011
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someone that acts in a dumb ass fashion or headish manor.
brendan cook is acting like such a little head.
damn, thats such a little head move.
by bizzowns May 26, 2009
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1) The inability of the human male to process information clearly; attributed to a sudden, overwhelming hormonal influx produced by non-physical sexual stimuli.

2) Male awed or aroused by an article of sexual appeal.

The term “thinking with the little head” is prevalent in the heterosexual arena; however, homosexual males may experience measures of “thinking with the little head”.
“Forget about hittin’ that. Stop thinking with the little head, Jeff. Stay focused bro.”
by CaptainZlogg July 24, 2009
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Acts with No ego , no over iflated sence of self ,humble
he's cool minded no ego not over inflated Tiny little head "cool" level headed
by $tylishrabbit June 14, 2016
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Little baby head is a word to describe a little newb on COD or a scrub or just telling someone they have a small baby's head
by Little baby head July 4, 2016
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The new name for "Ragheads" because of racism says one middle eastern raghead. Because of that statement the USMC issued THEIR statement. "The ragheads do wish to be called ragheads, because in fact it is not a rag but a sheet wraped around there head and will from this point forward may be referred as Little Sheet Heads"

2. Army: Sir please shut them little sheet heads up

3. Air Force: Copy dropen a deuce on the little sheet heads

4. Navy: Why are we the only ones that cant come up with a usage for the little sheet head???
by Schonen August 8, 2009
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The name of a red head who loves to fight with anyone they meet but the only reason they do this is because they are deeply suicidal.
by The Best Franko Ever May 18, 2017
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