Wow, he is such a Himmler, I don't want to be near him at all.
by tjsmith9872 February 26, 2015
To be struck by a biography or Heinrich Himmler, or any other SS material.
The boy was himmlered in the street when he stole an apple
by Fletcher March 3, 2003
Head of the SS, the ShutzStaffel. He oversaw the death of Jews at the concetntraion camps and is one of Hitlers most trusted aids. However he was a insane mofo and died eventually.
by Desertfox November 11, 2003
Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuehrer SS.

Head of the Gestapo, Waffen SS and greatest soldier of the 20th century.

Heinrich Himmler masterminded most of the plans the third reich. We should all wish to be like him one day.
by Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz March 20, 2005
Himmler was the true leader as he always did stuff without asking Hitler for permission which is proof that he was the actual leader because Hitler was very strict with everyone else but not him.
Heinrich Himmler was the actual leader of Nazi Germany.
by NASCAR MADAGASCAR December 9, 2020
Named after the Nazi overseer, the Heinrich Himmler is where a person, boy or girl,takes a collection of radio antennas, wraps them all in paper mache as to look like a bundle of sticks, then lubes this up with his or her own fecal matter, then shoves this horrid device up a lovers butt hole, vagina, mouth, or pee hole.
Guy 1:dude, last night I finally had all of the necessary resources, so I gave her a Heinrich Himmler

Guy 2:You sick son of a bitch
by Jesus the poop fairy February 25, 2009
The sexual act of blowing marijuana smoke in a female partner's vagina, forcing a queef to occur, thus forcing the smoke out of the vagina, mimicking the gas being introduced to a Nazi death chamber.
Man 1: "Dude, me and my girl got so freaky last night!
Man 2: "No way! What happened?
Man 1: "She let me give her A Heinrich Himmler!"
by Irish5400 December 12, 2021