A very difficult name to pronounce if you don't find out the way to pronounce it. Also means power in Jewish and German

They're smart,competitive as well as brutally honest with their criticism. They always like to be technical as well as creative.

Their spirit animal will always be one that consists with having eternal love and devotion for their mate.

So... You get the vague idea on what their like in their relationships. Though when hurt they become conservative. Also they're flirts and would want to know how to treat you right.

He will always put things into perspective when needed and even if you didn't know that you needed it.
So always appreciate the Heinrich's cause you'd be lucky if you have one
by Freak_gotstyle135 September 15, 2018
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Anyone with this name is immediately qualified under the category of insanely awesome.
Heinrichs naturally have a great sense of humor and are very supportive and cheerful. They are also amazingly creative and talented. Heinrichs tend to love video games, movies, reading, and music like Coldplay. They are the modern-day philosopher, a great thinker of their kind.

Heinrichs are your best and most trustworthy friend.

They can be identified by their kind words that come straight from their noble hearts, lovely green eyes, and an adorable boyish smile.
Everyone should have a Heinrich!!
by Quincchilla June 6, 2009
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Heinrich is the most handsome boy you´ll ever meet
he has a great style and absolutely gorg eyes that make you melt instantly

Heinrich stands for great but dark humor, which is definitely gonna make you laugh
He also is very caring and always there for you when you need him
Everywhere you go with him there are girls that want him but no worries he is very loyal
everybody needs a Heinrich in his life

I'm very happy to have one:)
omg ist that Heinrich over there?
yes he looks so good I want him so bad
by Fuckyouyou June 1, 2023
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means the same thing as shit or poop
After eating those beans, I had to take a massive Heinrich.
by PantherModerns June 11, 2009
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a harsh method of describing someone. a heinrich is a litte nazi asshole who will stab you in the back and sell you out. derieved from heinrich himmler, propogater of the holocaust
you're such a heinrich

oi heinrich, sold anyone out today

seen any snipers lately heinrich?
by rolandofdenmark October 4, 2007
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Head of the SS, the ShutzStaffel. He oversaw the death of Jews at the concetntraion camps and is one of Hitlers most trusted aids. However he was a insane mofo and died eventually.
by Desertfox November 11, 2003
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Person who developed the "I am rich" app for the Iphone and ipod touch that costs $999.99, and does absolutely nothing.
Dude, I just got the "I am rich" app for my Iphone from the app store made by Armin Heinrich

Does it do anything?

Um.... no.

by fantomtuba August 7, 2008
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