When masturbating into a Kleenex and the left over papers get stuck on your dick, looking like paper mache.
You: I forgot to remove the pieces of Kleenex from my dick..

Girl: Is that paper mache?
by JustRob September 13, 2009
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Wiping one's ass with the last few bits of toilet paper on a roll, often resulting in leftover pieces of toilet paper/shit combination stuck to the ass
I had to paper mache my ass with the last few bits of toilet paper because that's all that was left.
by Court Sullivan September 19, 2006
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the act of ejaculating on a girl's face then slapping a newspaper to it, resulting in what resembles a 3rd grade art project.
by chriswalken89 October 19, 2010
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a term used to describe someone so ugly, too ugly even to be a paper bag job - their body is their only redeeming factor. to combat that ghastly predicament, the only suitable act is to create a paper mache mask of someone more attractive and stick it on her misshapen, scabby head so that you can make sweet fucklove.
Woman: You like me? Some guys think i'm ugly.

Man: Nah, your just a paper mache job.

Woman: Huh?

Man Nothing. (to bartender) Absinthe please.
by Raaaas May 12, 2008
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The act of rolling a joint or the joint itself.
"Hey man, you wanna make some Dutch paper mache crafts?"
by The Baur September 27, 2011
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Paper mache,
Art an a cave,
Super hero,
No cape. Capture a claim,
Climates will change,
When colder winds came,
Did you remember my name.

leave me a key left out in the rain?
Did I fiddle your pockets,
An bark at the strain the indeffiant pain?
That since I’ve had you, I’ve had nothing left to gain? No remark boasted in vain.

No retract for the want no the need for a surge through my veins.

An I contemplate damage darkness an dismay.
I recollect all my aggressive an am violent outraged.

But only when confused and feel falling oddly out placed.
So take what you want how you may.. I think more that I should how it could really be.
Paper mache
by Titus dyfilid February 17, 2019
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When an man ejaculates onto many sheets of toilet paper, and then sticks those pieces of toilet paper onto a person, using the cum like glue.
Hey, you want play a game called paper mache? It's different from the artistic past time.
by MD Quak March 1, 2017
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