the word reich means sovereign rule of power a true reich is gods way of assuming authorities in the world there is however no infinite reich there is only an eternal reich
these rulings are based on the holy bible so each riech has definitive teachings which if you read the holy bible properly you will understand they mean very different things and are given by the god of dynasties
i possess a first reich my right to gods word/ eternal life etc and a third riech the right to a self
by angus macfarlane March 16, 2007
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In Nazi Berlin this was the Nazi headquarters,The Reichstag

Hi Ho HITLER! Dein Es Furer!
Adolf sayz regroup at the reich
by Adolf 2 January 28, 2009
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The act of getting "rekt" by the Holy Roman Empire (1st Reich), the German Empire (2nd Reich) or Nazi Germany (3rd Reich).
France's defenses got "reiched" in WWI when Germany got passed the French defenses by invading through Belgium.
by K00ger January 18, 2017
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When a respectable individual walks down a street and starts witnessing a gay pride parade. He then raises his arm, clicks his heels and Sieg Heils extremely loudly, catching the attention of his peers. They then follow this man and this individual becomes their national socialist leader. The homosexuals run and a national socialist revolution is ignited. They start a greater (country name here) reich and Hugo Boss starts making decent clothing once again.
Yo man have you seen Germany? Shit's bouta get Reiched.
by 2012 Spanish Meme December 15, 2017
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Reich is a uniquely German phrase and can’t be directly translated into English, but it means something between domain and Empire. German Reichs have existed fin many points through history, and were always contemporary Superpowers.
Examples of a German Reich include

Frankish empire: 480 - 842
Holy Roman Empire: (either 800 or 962, it is disputed) - 1806
German Colonial Empire (what most people think of when the think Reich) 1871 - 1919

The Austrian one we don’t talk about 1933-1945
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REICHELYS, is a very unique name.They only share stuff with very close friends. They get jealous if you hang with other people that she doesn’t get along with or isn’t close too. They are also trust worthy.And they also like too make puns.
Look at reichelys and her trusted back.
by Clout glasses :) September 12, 2018
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To inadvertently tangle strings, straps, wires or similar objects, resulting in subsequent disaster.
Dude, did you see Bill reich himself?

Yea, that tasty beverage didn't stand a chance against the headphone chord tangled around his foot.
by dudewiththeface February 22, 2012
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