a more sexual version of hey,
don't get confused with heey which is a more friendly version of hey and has no sexual reference.
watch out though it could just be a spelling error.
Austin;hey whats up
Sarah;heyy, nm taking a shower
Austin; cool, can I come over later?
Sarah;Can you come now? i have a surprise for you
by A. VanDerStarren March 22, 2009
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"Hey you". An friendlier, slightly affectionate version of "hey"
by red eft January 23, 2008
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the person that wants to talk to you
"she said heyy with two y's"
by aglflaglpufflcream January 15, 2020
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A legally binding verbal contract exchanged from a female to a prospective male lover. The contract involves granting to the male in question full rights to have his way with the female's body. I.E. "rushing female at her place of employment and making love to her regardless of context or audience."
"It's Fucking Time."
by mclov February 9, 2020
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A sexual kink of taping and raping young girls(lolicon)
Hes staring at young girls with tape in his hands. What a heyi.
by Cliveclivecliveclive June 1, 2020
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