She’s the girl. The girl many want but she only wants one person. She’s the girl you’d do anything for. Her smile is beautiful. She is beautiful. She defines beauty. She’s a marvellous creature. She dazzles all. She talented and always puts everyone else first. She’s unique and loving. She’ll always stick by you no matter what. Even if it means her being hurt. If she’s taken then he is a very lucky person to have such a jewel. Kyra is someone you can travel with, try new things with, look at the stars with and even feel pain with. Kyra is a star. She is gorgeous and sweet. She’s different to everyone else and she likes that that about herselfs. She’ll always be there for you no matter what. And when she loves someone she makes it known. She will love them hard and she won’t care what others think. She’s shy and is very self conscious but people adore her. She does have her confident moments tho.
Who’s that?

Oh that’s Kyra :)
by Freeeettta October 29, 2018
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Kyra is a creative and artistic person and can act shy sometimes. The name Kyra means lord in Greek and a princess from Greece is named Kyra. She is always talking about her crush and brings him/her into any conversation. She is pretty but sometimes doesn’t think she’s that pretty. She tries to stop drama and always feels sorry for everyone. She is a perfectionist and unorganized. She loves animals especially puppies.
Guy 1: yo that girl is sooo pretty!! Girl 2: that’s my bff Kyra
by goldqn.kyy January 18, 2019
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Kyra is a beautiful girl all around. Even if she doesn't think so she is an absolute treasure. She has stolen countless hearts but one bad relationship sealed her love away.
I think I love Kyra♡
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She always has a good time even if what you are doing isn't that much fun. Kyra has an amazing personality. She is also amazing at dancing and singing. She is the hottest greek girl you'll ever meet. Kyra is also a huge flirt all of the time, but she will deny that. She is really easy to talk to about anything. Although her name means "lady", it doesn't mean she's that innocent, goody-two-shoes girl that obeys all the rules, she's her own person. She'll do whatever she wants when she wants and the people around her won't want to stop her She has a great ability to withstand hardships and will smile even when her heart is breaking. She is selfless and makes great sacrifices for her loved ones. But be careful not to mess with her or tbe people she loves because you might end up in the hospital. Kyra is a universal character who can be the life of the party and the most humble and approachable person you'd ever have a chance to meet. She likes to feel beautiful inside and out and glows in confidence. she is sexy but in a simple way. She can be anything you want as she's already everything.
You dont notice at first but Kyra is close to perfect.
by kkk18 December 8, 2016
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A Strong outgoing person athletic, strong, and funny. Does not care what anyone says . shes also royalty and deserves to be treated like a queen
by Cheko beanss January 5, 2018
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the most amzing person in the world, so self conscience but for no good reason. beautiful, smart and as if she couldn't get any better shes athletic too. she dosnt like to stand out, likes to be a part of the crowd. but everyone sees her as the beautiful, kind, loud and caring person that she is anyway.
i wish i could be as beautiful as kyra
by the loyal best friend December 12, 2012
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Sweet, beautiful, kind, the best friend a person could have ❤️ Overall a very pretty kind hearted person with a rear personality
She’s pretty!! It must be Kyra!!!!
by REEEEEEEEEEEE OFF January 11, 2018
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