Hey is a common greeting that can actually mean many things.
Heyy:They like you
Heyyy:Take the hint dumbass
by The Giggly Kid April 18, 2018
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Heyyyy can have many different meanings;

1, they want to fuck you

2, they like you
3, they are your bestie
Or 4, they're wasted
Bestie: Heyyyy~! Can i come over tonight?

Wasted: heyyyy,,, omg fucking pink ponies everywhere
Horny: Heyyyy~~ what are you doing tonight~
Like you: Heyyyy, whats up
by ImOnlyHereBecauseImBored-_- April 16, 2021
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Heyyyy” is another form of greeting, usually used by people in a relationship or sometimes as a simple joke. It’s also characterized as a meme where saying heyyyy means you want to have sex with the person you greeted it with.
Heyyyy hows it going bb?
by G’byeR9K August 25, 2018
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Putting lots of y's in the word doesn't mean she wants to fuck you , you dumbass

It simply means she's in a good mood or if she's your close friend then it's just a way to greet you

Stop thinking bout sex 24/7
Heyyyyy I'm in such a good mood today
by Devilish ✨ July 10, 2022
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