an exclamatory phrase used to show happiness or content with a situation
after we entered the regal mansion we all exclaimed "heyy chee"
by regalking March 6, 2011
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Derivative of "Hey girl hey". Used in greeting, or just in casual conversation. Sometimes used to suggest something sexually.
"There's Greg! Oh, oh heyy."

"Oh,oh heyy...I'd tap that..."
by ladfalsdfjsad January 26, 2009
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HEY HEY HEYY is how bokuto makes people jump off a cliff but it's cute
Asahi: enters the room
Bokuto: HEY HEY HEYY Asahi
by Asahi's holy water October 18, 2020
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HEY GIRL HEYY is like saying "hey" or "what's up girlfriend?" or just something you say to someone when you have mothing else to say. can be used in bothing texting or a normal conversation.
by HEY GIRL HEYYY March 21, 2009
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If a girl sends you, “heyy” they most definitely are crushing over you. The more “y’s”, the more she likes you. Godspeed my bro :)
*iMessage conversation with your crush*
Girl: Heyyyy
Boy: *palms start to sweat, so you come to this page*
by LiLPiggyz on YT February 9, 2022
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hey bbg suck my toe or i will suck yours
sehaj hiii
oh hii jyau
bbg heyy
by pro idiot April 29, 2021
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