When not just being a cock is enough, you become the head cock. Still one step under the Grand Master Cock Dragon.

Showing enough cock like behavior to promote you from being just a cock to the Head Cock.
Monkey: Dude get out of my way or I am going to shoot you with my sniper rifle.
Soupy: Man wait a second I am trying to pick up this ammo bo...(splat!!!)
Respawn soupy: Man fuck you you cock.... No your not just a cock your the Head Cock!!!
Monkey: I warned you.
by Black Op August 27, 2009
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The shaft of a mans penis is solid like a shaft of steel, but the head of it is soft like a ripe satsuma. Making it bobble about like a bobble head for your car.
"Hi Chantel how did your date with Ian go?". "It was all going great till we went back to his and he pulled out his bobble head cock!"
by TBone78 June 25, 2014
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someone like nesbite who is a dick licking fanny rasher who is a cockless wankstain
karl nesbite look at him lol
by lew mc fishy ass dick October 31, 2003
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Sometimes abbreviated to C.U.Knob-Cock. A well known condition among young adolescent human males, though many slowly recover as they mature into normal human beings. However some extreme cases of C.U.Knob-Cock have been known to last well into a male's adult like. Although this condition is very common, cases of it many vary according to region and social groups.
Jon's a Complete and Utter Knob-head with Cocks on isn't he?

Yeah, did you see how he was talking to her? We should warn her that he's a C.U.Knob-Cock.
by alienfrompluto September 24, 2012
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a person who is just disrespectful and doesnt care about his friends
Hey, Anthony! Hey tomas, your gay......man, anthony is a real cock head cunt muffin
by Tomas C April 16, 2010
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The people that decided what gets put on urban dictionary, yeah you reading this! Also please tell me exactly why this can't be put in the dictionary minus this sentence!
Every time I try to submit a word it gets rejected by some stupid cock head!
by Shaving Cream Is Delishos February 26, 2017
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