Sweet and respectful girl. Laid back but brings the fun when she's with good friends. She can be goofy but has a serious side. Goal oriented and has a lot to offer in regards to her career and friendships.
Chantel knows how to have fun but is definitely about her business.
by georgiapeach308 December 23, 2016
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Chantel is shy, weird, funny, and abusive as heck but in that type flirty playful way. A great kisser and average at hugging. Creates her own words which is pretty cute. Usually has a deep voice which is flippen attractive also she is very athletic but usually considered herself a disappointment and can’t amount to anything due to some things she has going on at home...does not trust anyone so if she opens up to you just know that she must love you. Chantel also finds it difficult to make eye contact idk why she just does. So if you find yourself a Chantel she will try to push you away because most things that do get close to her ends up hurting her but just try to stay do the best u can.
Chantel secretly loves hugs just had to put that out there 💞
by Liam Autumn Simpson July 3, 2018
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Chantel : Normally a very attractive woman, self respecting but knows how to have fun and let loose. Usually a laid back down to earth kick it with the guys type of attitude in a friend sense but is usually more attractive then she knows, men chase her everywhere she goes big ass big breasts sexy little body. Although very happy you don't want to get on their bad side because they can turn bitchy. Chantel's can usually be a tease without even realizing it but when it comes to sex her boyfriends are lucky guys she's hot in bed. hot sexy beautiful and cute combined, everyone wants Chantel. Always smiling and happy and knows how to cheer others up no other can compare to Chantels she will be loyal to her partner and always there for her friends, never let her go
Guy 1: Did you see that girl?

Guy 2: The one playing games with those guys? She's fucking hot!
Guy3: and she made me smile for days, her name is Chantel
Guy 4: That's so like Chantel
by trizzytreydre January 5, 2012
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Chantel is a sarcastic, funny girl. She is obsessed with whichever new boyband is out there, and is destined to be a Victoria's Secret model. She also watches Twilight regularly and has an amazing voice. Although she is STUNNING and beautiful, she can be hard headed and a bit annoying, and maybe a tad bit exaggerated.
"Woah, that model is so funny, and such a good singer."
"Yeah man, that's my girlfriend Chantel."
by leightonnn January 31, 2015
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She is Fucking sexy,hot,buff,amazing,wild,crazy
Is so good in bed and even better at giving head ( boys watch out )
She get's all the attention and loves her men
She has some nice ass

Gets the attention when enters a club/pub
Has a good job
Is a very caring person for her friends,family and boys
Loves working and has her moments
Is a happy person but you wouldent want to get on the wrong side of her.
by brett manwaring October 21, 2011
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Chantel’s can have a range of eye colours and skin tones. There name Chantel is a name driven from the word Chantal meaning (Stone, Boulder, Place of Stones and to sing or just sing in French)
If you want to keep a Chantel you have to be committed or at least encourage her that your always thinking her and visit her every now and then.

Chantel don’t last forever their like flowers in spring that fade eventually
Hey Chantel
Just letting you know, I’m here for you everyday, are you feeling better today?
Yeah, I feel much better that now, that I’m talking to you, I thought maybe you didn’t care anymore

Wait, hold up. I care about you all the time, I’ll buy you anything you want Chantel you name it.
I don’t want gifts I just wanted you
by C.G.S.W December 5, 2020
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Beautiful and most caring person in the world, she is honest, sweet, shy, open minded, sensative, funny, nice, cute, pretty, sexy, hot and all those other lovey dovey words, she is very attractive and likes to spend time with the ones she loves. She Dates mostly tan, tall, dark haired, native american boys named Jake
Hey chantel whos that

thats my new bf Jake
by Jacclc3709 November 24, 2009
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