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To get so high smoking hash that walking feels like wading through soup.
"Dude, I got so soupy last night, I was acting souper sloppy."

"Who's going to be Joel McHale tonight? I bought last time, and I'm trying to get soupy."
by pokaifuyem August 17, 2011
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1. Excessively awesome. A corruption of cool and sweet.
That jump was soupy, man!
Did you see me pick up there? That was soupy.
This soup is Soupy!
by Clozer July 07, 2009
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an adjective used to describe anything. meaning varies with tone and facial expression. not to be confused with "soupy", the adjective used to describe something soup-like.
Jesse: This pizza is so soupy!
Kate: I know it's delicious!

Kate: Ugh, that history test we just had was the soupiest!
Jesse: God I know right? So boring!

Jesse: Hows it going there, Kate?
Kate: Sort of soupy. There's nothing to do.
by Skillet and Biscuit October 12, 2010
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A soupy is a man or woman who has a poor capacity for alcohol. Also a substitute for the word "crap" or "shite".
Did you see yer man last week fallin about the place after 3 pints. Hes such a soupy, so he is.

The titanic. What a soupy film.
by Lord Montgomery May 23, 2007
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Describes baggy clothing of a pea green or khaki color that doesn't fit correctly. So big you're "swimming" in it. Usually used to describe a shirt or sweater.
The soupy, brown sweater buried her small frame.
by Eva November 08, 2004
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