To get so high smoking hash that walking feels like wading through soup.
"Dude, I got so soupy last night, I was acting souper sloppy."

"Who's going to be Joel McHale tonight? I bought last time, and I'm trying to get soupy."
by pokaifuyem August 17, 2011
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1. Excessively awesome. A corruption of cool and sweet.
That jump was soupy, man!
Did you see me pick up there? That was soupy.
This soup is Soupy!
by Clozer July 07, 2009
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Im on my way to the soupy to get some crack from Mr. Ducketts.
by AVA4life July 01, 2020
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The replacement of the word Moist. Soupy describes how a female feels, how you feel, and how an object feels.
"That movie last night made me so soupy."

"Babe, you make me so soupy"

"My panties are soupy"
by big_guy801 March 26, 2019
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nickname for dan campbell of the widely known pop punk band, the wonder years
madelyn: omg i love the wonder years!!!
julie: yes!!! soupy is a legend.
by came0utswinging November 27, 2018
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