A delightful little citrus fruit, usually found around Christmas. Very mild taste, but the larger versions of the satsuma are fasty.
Mwahaha... I stole all the satsumas from the box! Too bad, I don't want to end up like my friend who ate a whole box... she now thinks she's "allergic" to citrus. Whatever.
by RoseThourne November 13, 2006
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When a person missing their index finger inserts the remaining three fingers into a woman's klagg/anus and repeatedly pumps away until a yellowy/orange residue is deposited. This move is then finished off by yelling "SATSUMA" into the person's discoloured orifice.
Sally's boyfriend got his finger blown off in the war, but it's ok because they can still satsuma
by Swannyd November 30, 2010
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freezing a full bottle of water letting it melt slightly then cutting open the bottle taking out the frozen cylendrical water then using the frozen shape as a dildo.
i gave my girl a "frosty satsuma" with some dasani.
by d stizzle September 05, 2009
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A fart that makes you want a satsuma
The kind of fart that makes you want a satsuma. Jason's satsuma fart cleared enough space in his stomach for a small orange
by Henry Dawn September 04, 2018
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This word is originally derived from the Japanese word for sweet potato. Satsuma imo can be used when referring to someone that looks like a sweet potato on the outside, but is actually slightly sweet on the inside. This word can also be used as a nickname for someone who is called a bitch, but is not actually that bitchy on the inside.
OMG! ur such a satsuma imo! hahahaha
by moyashiman March 14, 2012
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An expression used to describe a particularly beautiful womans ass.
Usually, an ass that is not too big or small but with a certain mobility and lusciousness.
Australian #1: Hey Rog, did you see that chick's ass?
Australian #2: Sure did Paul, it was like two satsumas in a bag!
by Fast Freddie November 10, 2007
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(morons) use satsuma instead of orange... U can just tell they're an absolute (neek) if they call an orange a satsuma.

I mean why the hell does that exist
Hey my name's arthur and my friends and I were wondering if u just wanted to maybe share my satsuma 👉👈

Bro u idiot bruv why da fuq u calling that orange a satsuma u nerd
by Dummy dumster December 21, 2020
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