Hazbin Hotel: the most kid friendly show in existence.

As of right now, there is only a single episode (being the pilot) created by Vivziepop, an experienced animator on YouTube. The episode follows Charlie, the princess of Hell, as she- okay no who am I kidding. If you want an actual summary, take a look at Wikipedia or watch the episode yourself.

Okay, so, we follow this girl named Charlie as she makes friends with a creepy deer guy who needs to brush his teeth, a cute little cyclops girl who is most definitely gonna kill someone, a bipedal alcoholic cat, and a mobster spider pornstar that fucks guys for a living. Oh yeah and there's also Vaggie. I love her but she's a bitch.
Kid 1: Hey, have you seen Hazbin Hotel?
Kid 2: No, what is it?
Kid 1: Ok so there's this gay spider dude named Angel Dust and-
Kid 2: Isn't Angel Dust the name of a drug-
Kid 1:
by [Insert creative name] December 27, 2019
a child friendly show and its good but too many fuckwits say that its "homophobic" and "everyone is a bad person" when its literally set in HELL! and I once someone on Twitter compare it to another show set in hell but the premise in that show was that everyone needed to be nice so the person thought that everyone in hazbin should be nice just because of a completely different show. This is one of many reasons I hate humanity.
guy1: hey did you see hazbin hotel?
guy2: yeah it was great!
person3: um, that show is offensive and homophobic why cant everyone in it be nice?!
by Anonymous748 September 1, 2020
A cartoon with so much potential but people still put down because they think It's offensive or it's just for brain dead furries.
Jayden: I saw this youtube video called Hazbin Hotel and I thought it was pretty good

Karen: Ugh that show is offensive I can't believe people in HELL are so BAD

Douche: I haven't even watched it but it sucks ass because furry gay medic homotel
A cringey show made for Edgy Teenagers, but claims to be "for a mature audience".

The show is about a Demon Princess making a rehab hotel in hell, and some weird spider looking prostitute, as well as demonized Willy Wonka. I mean, Radio Demon.

The humor is fortnite levels of stupid, consisting nothing but profanity, sex, drug, and alcohol references. None of it is clever. But cringey teenagers will still find it funny. They will also attack you if you say anything bad about the show.

The characters in the show are goofy, and immature, much like in Teen Titans Go, except for 10 times more cringe, because they use profanity, and instead of potty jokes, it's sex jokes.
Hazbin Hotel Stan: "Have you seen Hazbin Hotel? It's the best show ever! The humor is so funny... because... there is adult stuff in it yeah!"

Normal Person: "It's a mediocre show, and the humor is not that funny. It could be a lot better if - "

Hazbin Hotel Stan: "STFU! IT'S LITERALLY THE BEST SHOW EVER! THE SHOW IS SET IN HELL, It's supposed to be cringey and bad!"

Normal Person: "Ok but it's still bad
by VYDEOS November 28, 2021
Probably one of the worst adult cartoons with a terrible fanbase, if you like this I respect your opinion, but to me it’s just garbage and edgy. Hell! I would rather watch Censored 11 or Family Guy and laugh my ass off!
Hazbin Hotel Hater: I think that this show isn’t my favorite

Hazbin Hotel Fan: Grrrrr! How dare you hate my show! It’s so good and funny! Family guy’s humor is not funny! Haha!
by TriggeringNerdsSince1799 June 10, 2022
Better than Family Guy and is the most kid friendly show ever

Furry: Hey have you like Hazbin Hotel?

Slav: No blyat I like Soviet Looney Tunes
by The_DaffyOne January 28, 2021
1. A popular animated show, only one episode of which was released so far.
2. Synonym for cringe.
Peter: What's your favorite show?
John: Hazbin Hotel, I'm looking forward to the second episode.
Peter: That's kinda Hazbin Hotel, bro.
by thekvant February 24, 2020