(Around children)
Me: (stubs toe) Blyat!
Child: what does blyat mean?
Me: Oh it’s just a word I made up whenever I’m in pain
by Dubiks May 7, 2019
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This russian word is one of the universe's greatest mysterious, including:
What happend to the unknown wonders of the worlds?
What is the true nature of god?
Why god created animals out of meat if he did not want us to feast of them?
etc. so does blyat comes along. The formal known version of this particular word is translated to simply- "whore" "slut" and other words that explain the oldest proffesion in this world. Yet, russians (and latley, Israelis as one, even without a slavic roots in blood) are using this term as a link-word, as a curse, almost anything you can imagine.
"blyat, I messed up!"
"you damn bitch, blyat!"
"I hate you, blyat, and I need something!"
"...blyat. blyat?
by Spiel Brickner September 6, 2005
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Anthony: I didn't know you were russian, you said blyat
by human1010101 November 22, 2018
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Typically an npc which you find wondering around mindlessly, they also come with the most atrocious English you’ve ever seen. They are often funny to observe and can be very volatile.
Guy: What is that blyat doing over there?
Friend: Oh no it’s marching over towards me
by wholostevee August 9, 2023
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A Ukrainian/Russian swear word that means something like fuck.
by waffle_exe_ November 18, 2019
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This word is a link word in Russian language which recently became popular thanks to Russians dominating on many international online resources. Generally it just emphasizes all that was spoken before. But also keep in mind that here's word "blyad" in Russian too and this word means a slut. Some people even spell "blyad" when they use the meaning of "blyat", so there's this subtle hint about how exactly the emphasis is created.
- cyka blyat! (fucking motherfucker/fucking shit)
- I've tried it, blyat, so what?
by Plummet June 28, 2015
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