4 definitions by The_DaffyOne

More like Vivziepoop
Furry: Vivziepop makes the best animations and art!
Me, an intellectual: Begone furry
by The_DaffyOne April 6, 2021
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The thing you say before you go on a holy crusade to kill demons and the entire Vivzieverse
Person: Watches a female Twitch streamer

Doomguy: boobs are temporary, DOOM is Eternal
by The_DaffyOne February 11, 2021
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Song by Manuel that was used in Initial D and is the perfect song when you want to race or drift
Person: Hey whats your favorite song?

Me: Gas Gas Gas
by The_DaffyOne January 31, 2021
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Better than Family Guy and is the most kid friendly show ever

Furry: Hey have you like Hazbin Hotel?

Slav: No blyat I like Soviet Looney Tunes
by The_DaffyOne January 28, 2021
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