A stupid term used by advertising minecraft YouTubers which means that they don't swear, but will do stuff that is DEFINITELY NOT kid friendly. Channels with this in their description are often cancerous.
Hi guys, and welcome to SuperCreeperBoy999's channel! I post kid friendly minecraft content such as Skyblock, hungergames, roleplay, and more!
by STAIR_ August 4, 2016
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Only has brief depictions of boobs.
This bar is pretty kid friendly, except for when Stacy over there gets drunk.
by SalilM March 29, 2016
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Kid friendly anime is some anime genre that is family friendly and a example for this genre is hentai,
Guy 1: hey want to watch anime with me?
Guy 2: sure but it better be kid friendly anime like hentai
by BryBry50333 November 16, 2020
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NOT the creator of Roblox. Builderman is the creator and CEO of Roblox.

Roblox is a replacement of the very first account on Roblox, admin. Roblox has every single item made by Roblox in Roblox!
Roblox is not the creator of Roblox and is a automated account.
The Roblox account's jeans are not obtainable although you can get items that look similar to it in game. Such as jeans, which cost only 1 R$, standing for robux, the Roblox in-game currency. Currently robux can be obtained by buying it for real money, getting it from others buying any products you made, or buying a membership. You can also use these websites:
1. Rbxrewards.com
2.oprewards.com - the most popular free robux generating site that really works.
3. Rblxgold.com
I went to the Roblox account, and bought the latest limited u item he owned.
This part is so I can submit the definition (so please ignore): ROBLOX account (kid friendly)
by Mollisme July 4, 2019
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