It is basically a russion version of a chav. They are most of the time drunk and drive some cheap Lada cars, and they like to bully people, and swear lot. Do not take them lightly. They can be dangerous and some may carry a knife or even a pistol. They are completely useless to society just like chavs.
Slav: Oi dickhead, give me your money or else I am gonna stab ya
by Meme Snake April 27, 2020
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Generally referring to a young/middle aged Russian person whom has an alcohol addiction, specifically to Vodka. Due to their high alcohol consumption and tendency of partying these beings are mostly poor, surviving off of Butter bread and potatoes. See *Life of Boris* YouTube channel For further Details
Look at that Slav over there, piss drunk on vodka, nawing on a potato on the sidewalk. What a fucking lowlife.
by Ole Hickey June 3, 2021
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They are basically Russion version of chavs, they are aggressive and most of the time they are drunk. They like to bully other people who are not belong to their circle. They have shit taste and act like bunch of monkeys in a zoo. Stay away from them. They are dangerous and may carry a knife or a gun. They are completely useless to society like chavs
Slav: Hey Vova lets bully that nerd over there and take his money.
by Meme Snake April 27, 2020
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A Central European. Slavs can be identified With these Common traits

*Smells Bad

*Drinks Strong alcohol (And lots of it)

*very large Cheekbones

*A stupid whiny accent EX: " Roman, Cahsin I do naht want too go boleeng weeth yoo" as said by Niko Bellic to his Fat Cousin in Gta 4

*They Write in weird upside down letters and numbers

* They Love Counter Strike And Garry's Mod

*They Are Loud And Obnoxious.

*They Are From a Country That you have Never heard of before, Like seriously Where the Hell is Moldova.

*They Also Have like a million different names For a Cabbage

*They Take their Heritage Seriously, Dont ever mistake a Pole for a russian. They WILL get Loud.

*They eat The Starchiest of Foods

*They Drive Shitty Cars

*They Complain About The "West"

*They Have Very Long names that dont make sense Ex: "Straatsma"

*They Are Persistent little bastards Ex: WW2

* They Have Strong Old Women

* They Aren't Good At Art

If You Suspect Your Neighbor Of Being A Slav Please Notify the Nearest Pest Control Center To Have Them Dispose of it humanely.
Mikulski Meshcheryakov was A Slav
by King Of Controversy June 6, 2017
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a female chav who is a slag. It is a combination of 'chav' and 'slag'.
oi look at that slav over there, i bet she's gonna get it on with some chav tonight!
by jesskellyxo April 28, 2011
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Slavs are a race that existed since the ancient times. The name "slav" came from the word "slava", which means glory.
Slavs rule a big part of the world.
by Za dom spremni August 24, 2005
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