Laugh my ass off Something so funny, it will make you laugh so hard your ass falls off.
That shit is so funny, I laugh my ass off!
by 1st Squirt February 09, 2018
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Longer Version of LMFAO. Basically for twats who cant express proper emotion or use grammar, also a shitty band who produce utter crap typical of this time period
LMFAO's Party rock was such a great song, Laughing my fucking ass off
by lovelifeallday January 27, 2012
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LMOA for short. means that your laughing on your off branded ass or your laughing on your crooked ass
Me: You hungry?
Christy: LMOA NO

*LMOA = Laugh My Off Ass*
by mishb June 20, 2021
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