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The horrendous reboot of the show Teen Titans. The original show combined a dark storyline with good character development, and threw in a little bit of humor here and there, but not too much. The perfect combo. This abomination just focuses on the humor. And their idea of humor is around the same level as poop jokes. What were they thinking?
I miss the old Teen Titans. I can't believe they've been turned into this. Teen Titans Go is horrible.
by Farmstink Buttlass October 18, 2013
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A show, that I'm convinced, is nothing more than an elaborate spoof of the original. Obviously geared toward a way younger audience due to the absence of anything besides ludicrous, unintelligent humor.
Teen Titans Go! is a show is for eight-year-olds, quit wasting your time and look for the original.
by v1k1ngV1nce January 15, 2014
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to create a show with same character constellation and the same humor but making it to a children comedy rather than a show with a story line
Have you heard what happened to Terrance and Phillip show? They're getting Teen-Titans-Go ed worse than they had been all those years.
by AgileIndex October 16, 2015
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The 3rd Worst Show Ever And Every Body Hates It It Needs To Burn In HELL

Some Friend: Hey Wanna Watch Teen Titans Go
by Cousin Weegee March 12, 2018
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Teen Titans Go is the version of Teen Titans that only 6 year olds with Down syndrome enjoy. The jackpot of toot jokes that makes me want to jump out of a plane with no parachute into a furry convention. Honestly the only show in existence worse than Teen Titans Go is Unikitty. I would rather die from choking on a pizza roll than watch this fucking monstrosity of a cartoon
Six Year Old: Lets watch Teen Titans Go!
Teenager: *jumps out window*
by lolVEVO May 25, 2018
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The show that completely ruined the Teen Titans. Remember when it was cool crime fighting action? Well now it’s about the Titans not fighting crime and mindless humor. Guy 1: Hey you watch Teen titans go? Guy 2: pls jump off that cliff
by joecoolness46 February 19, 2019
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A show on Cartoon Network (later Teen Titans Go Network) that premiered in 2013. It is about five teenaged superheros who fight crime, but usually we look into what the five superheros are doing when not fighting crime. It is spammed on the network, and even had a marathon on the week of Christmas 2017 that made it take up 99% of the schedule.
I am not a fan of Teen Titans Go, but it’s okay if you are.
by All4Anne July 24, 2018
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