Whenever youtube doesnt think your content is up to being 3 month old baby friendly OR another term for someone nice going bad.
Crap! My MineCraft LetsPlay #5902 Got demonized!

Did Mrs. Math Teacher become demonized over break?
by Demonized_666 December 19, 2017
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Used as slang for a female with very good sexual skills , as in stealing your soul during sex .
Yo man , that girl is a straight demon
by Gurl00 December 24, 2018
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the dark part of your mind,the crawling nagging feeling somethings wroung,inner bad feelings
i have to break my inner demons to move on ...
by mikey1969 February 07, 2008
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Evil, in a manner of speaking. In reality, most who have been described as 'Demonic' are usually just lonely and in need of love. Or it could just be that they are 7 ft tall, wear a cape and have glowing red eyes. And eat people.

When an inanimate object, such as a film or potted plant is described as demonic, the term often means 'evil, dark as hell, or sickly twisted'. This is only in context though. It could be you are referring to the pot planbt of a Mr. Bee El Zebub.
"That programme was demonic! Especially the part with the shredder in the cats home..."

"See that kid? The one who's setting fire to that old lady? Yeah, the one with the tail and hooves. Demonic, isn't he?"
by The Umber May 29, 2005
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To make a scapegoat of a person or political party to deflect a discussion from its original topic.
During the Obamacare rollout, the Administration tried to demonize health insurance companies and blame them for not complying with the new regulations.
by Alabama Samurai November 14, 2013
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Used to refer to a homie that is a savage. Also commonly used in the streets or in rap music.
"I'm out here coolin wit my demons"
by The Nigga's Sister April 25, 2017
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