Vivziepop (Vivienne Medrano) is a freelance animator who has grown quite the number of fans on YouTube. She's most known for her one-of-a-kind art style, loveable characters, and her animated series' and shorts such as Hazbin Hotel, Die Young, and Timber (Hazbin Hotel being the most popular).

In case it wasn't obvious, I'm a fan of her content. Show her some love!
Person 1: Hey I heard some people talking about Hazbin Hotel, what is it?
Person 2: It's a series made by Vivziepop. You should check out the pilot episode and her channel!
Person 1: Will do.
by [Insert creative name] May 19, 2020
More like Vivziepoop
Furry: Vivziepop makes the best animations and art!
Me, an intellectual: Begone furry
by The_DaffyOne April 6, 2021
vivziepop is a person who makes great animations of the underworld in hi def design
guy:Aye yo that drawing so nice i think you pulled a vivziepop
animator:at least i didn't pull a kingani
by animators defined! December 13, 2019