a very fit boy and i luv him bummin me all night long his soft skin agenst me turns me on n i luv his curly locks hes the best catch eva and no 1 can take him away
hays: hey hun
me: omg i luv u so much
hays: come on baby give me luvin ;)
me: sure!!
by racheal December 09, 2004
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Refers to a person who excels at one or more of the following: 1. drinking beers, and lots of them 2. being a generally sweet dude 3. rocking out in any situtation with total disregard to bystanders' feelings, family, or friends
Woah, look at that guy. He's rocking out and he must have had at least 19 beers. He's a sweet dude. He must be a Hay.
by The Dude April 06, 2005
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Nickname for any valuable "resource" (money, expensive food/gifts, gasoline to give her rides where she wants to go, hot and/or arduous mechanical/carpentry work, patient endurance of boring/cutesy "girl stuff", etc.) that a naive "dairy farmer" (mushy-hearted guy with raging hormones) "feeds" to his "cow" (an attractive girl whom he hopes to win over) in an effort to please/satisfy her so that hopefully she'll feel enough favorably disposed towards him to "allow him to milk her" (spread her legs for him) sometime later. May or may not be successful, depending on how “loose” the chick in question is, or how much she respects the guy’s feelings or truly appreciates/values his caring efforts to help her out.
Stud #1: Yo! Why the long face, dude? I take it you didn't "get to 4th base" with Tiffany?
Stud #2: Nope! And I fed her a whole BALE of hay, too --- worked my butt off for three hours straight in the scorchin' sun to get her car road-ready again, and burned up three of my brand-new DeWalt cut-off blades in the process --- but then afterwards she claimed to have suddenly "got religion" and wouldn't "give me any milk", even though she'd promised she would if I'd fix her car.
by QuacksO August 31, 2013
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wat horses eat dumb ass not the hello form
hay is for horses

hey is for people
by fat c*ck August 12, 2009
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If female, means extremely slutty with an oral fixation. If male, means a huge nerd, lightweight, who is possibly homosexual.
Mrs. Hay came over last night and smoked the hell out of my pole. OR Hay is at home playing video games while hanging out w/ his female friends, then passing out after 3 beers.
by Amanda February 17, 2005
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smelly stuff that horses eat that attracts lots of rats.
When i went down to the barn yesterday there was like six rats in templar's hay. It was nasty. I hope he doesn't get sick.
by Kate Templar July 26, 2005
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When someone says somthing they should of been embaressed to say.
Saying of this makes the person think whoops why did i say that.
Often followed by a sarcastic thumbs up.
pronounced anywhere from hay - hiiiiiii
Natalie : My boyfriend is a goth i think he is soo cool

by almighty josho May 20, 2005
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