There are 2 kinda of "hay" one for horses and one for "hay" or "hello"
Hay Mandy how are you doing?
by Oh shi̸t its dat boi December 21, 2016
Refers to a person who excels at one or more of the following: 1. drinking beers, and lots of them 2. being a generally sweet dude 3. rocking out in any situtation with total disregard to bystanders' feelings, family, or friends
Woah, look at that guy. He's rocking out and he must have had at least 19 beers. He's a sweet dude. He must be a Hay.
by The Dude April 6, 2005
A common word used for 'Bitch' while in front on company.
#1 Hey dude, did you see that hay?

#2 Yus!
by LizzMiles June 18, 2007
Hay-Hay: The loving and funny name I call my is essentially the nice way of calling her stupid. She is not, in fact, stupid, just blonde...and not always the sharpest tool in the shed. I love you Hay-Hay
by alex trabek December 25, 2020
1. A Vietnamese common male's name.

2. A weird way of saying 'hi' in English.

3. Japanese for saying yes.
1. Hai, will you do your homework?

2. Hai guys!

3. Person 1: Are you gonna publish some Urban Dictionary definitions?

Person 2: Hai, Person 1.
by MisaTange July 9, 2009