Lemme guess. You don’t know if Hawaii is part of the US or something dumb.

it is a part of the US
Aaaaah waaah Hawaiians!!!!
-Some internet shitposter

What the fuck are you talking about?
- the other 99.999999999999999% Of internet users
by Schwiria February 17, 2018
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Employing a Laissez-faire attitude towards matters of punctuality, referencing a commonly held perception of life in Hawaii being inherently relaxed.
"The boss when yell at me for being five minutes late. I told him relax, I stay on Hawaiian Time."
by TheTrout June 27, 2014
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A very complicated series of actions that starts off with a bottle of Hawaiian Punch. Mix the Hawaiian Punch with some rum or vodka untill the booze to juice ratio is about 2:1. Once you have achieved the perfect combination, mix that shit up real good in a water bottle and get yo drank on. After you realize you drank way more than your limits, you gonna need a bucket homie! Welcome back lunch cuz u gonna be spitin cookies everywhere! This method of drinking is usually used to pregame before an important event such as a Presidential Election, a game of Lasertag, taking the SATs,or even at childbirth.
Danny: "Hey Tara i think you might have overdone it a little! Your gonna really feel The Hawaiian Punch soon!"

Tara: "Dont worry ill be fine for lasertag"

Danny: "But look what you did to that poor picnic table! Where are the kiddies supposed to eat lunch now???"
by Shugah Nipz December 07, 2009
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The Pink Hawaiian is when the woman uses her index finger and her middle finger in a pinching hold just above her vaginal lips while the male is stroking his member inside of her vagina.

The physical pinching move that the woman holds just above her vagina makes the male member feel tighter while he is making love to the woman. The main purpose is just for a new sensation to make things interesting and is recommended for only a few minutes or just to help the male ejaculate at a faster pace.
I have already made my lady cum and she is ready for me to finish...ok baby, time to use the Pink Hawaiian.
by Palazzo006 August 27, 2010
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Smoking marijuana in a bathroom with a shower. This is accomplished by letting the shower run on the hottest setting until the mirror steams up. Once this occurs the smokers start smoking and the sweet kushy goodness thickens up the already steamy air with a blast of muggy euphoric fog. once the herb as been exhausted, the smokers usually sit around in the newly created jungle. It is common for the air to get so thick that one cannot see clearly all the way across the room.

The bennefits of hawaiin hotboxing are as follows.

1. It is really fun becasue it creates stimulating atmospheres for all the senses. The thick fog creates a visual experience. The air will typically be visable due to its high water content. It is QUITE wonderful to watch it flowing around the bathroom; one can really gain an appreciation of the states of matter from this. The olfactory side is the delicious smell of that good ol Marry Jane hanging in the air. The taste aspect is covered by taking breaths-slowly! One can always get a mouthful of water vapor if the hotboxing has been done correctly. Sound is distorted and it feels warm and humid.

2. The heat casues one's pores to open up and absorb more marijuana chemicals (hypothetically)

3. One has to keep breathing, and the air is so thick with smoke that one constantly inhales the active chemicals in marijuana that were in every breath of the smokers'.
I love to hawaiian hotbox my universitiy residence's bathrooms at least once a week with my good friends.

Hey man did you hawaiian hotbox the bathroom? Its like a Chronic sauna in there.
by Prof. Kushings February 26, 2012
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Verb The art of giving a blow job while using your hand in a twisting motion at the same time.
Orgin- Eastern Hawaii
Becky gives the best Hawaiian Twist, once she starts there's no stopping.
by Big Mike and Q EAZY March 24, 2014
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Getting your shit stolen by a local, usually on Oahu. Kit-kat bars on the front seat usually draw the most attention.
Hey officer, dude just broke into my car... All he took was my candy bar.

Ahh, he just givin' de hawaiian hello.
by Haolehammah March 19, 2018
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