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When having sexual intercourse with a female, preferably rawdog anal, you yell "I DONT EVEN AIM" and make a considerable mess in and around her mouth. Following a thorough ejaculation, take a toothbrush and get yo dental health on with the considerable mess!
Danny: "Hey Tara, want to perform a Heavy-T after i finish watching the notebook?"

Tara: "Sure, lemme go pick up a new toothbrush first!"
by Shugah Nipz June 21, 2009
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While hooking up with a girl in the woods, you stick your whole fist into her asshole.
Danny: Hey Tara, you wanna go and make out in the woods?

Tara: Yes!!! but only if we can do a Forest Fist because I already used my toothbrush.
by Shugah Nipz November 29, 2009
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Gettin your serpent rubbed or slobbed on in the back of an expensive car, in a crowded public parking lot, preferibly in the middle of the day
Danny: Hey do u wanna go to the beach today? It's really hot out

Chad: Nah man I can't I'm goin to Ralphs with my significant other
by Shugah Nipz July 29, 2010
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A very complicated series of actions that starts off with a bottle of Hawaiian Punch. Mix the Hawaiian Punch with some rum or vodka untill the booze to juice ratio is about 2:1. Once you have achieved the perfect combination, mix that shit up real good in a water bottle and get yo drank on. After you realize you drank way more than your limits, you gonna need a bucket homie! Welcome back lunch cuz u gonna be spitin cookies everywhere! This method of drinking is usually used to pregame before an important event such as a Presidential Election, a game of Lasertag, taking the SATs,or even at childbirth.
Danny: "Hey Tara i think you might have overdone it a little! Your gonna really feel The Hawaiian Punch soon!"

Tara: "Dont worry ill be fine for lasertag"

Danny: "But look what you did to that poor picnic table! Where are the kiddies supposed to eat lunch now???"
by Shugah Nipz December 8, 2009
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