1: Can I pay for this with my visa card

2: Can I afford this item, or is it going to max out my visa card
1: Is this sandwich visable?

2: I wonder if that dress is visable?
by Marjonrin sucka! September 10, 2008
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Visability is the amount of untapped credit still remaining on your VISA card.
I'd really like to get that Dale Jr. satin jacket, but since we bought the new bass boat, I just don't have the visability.
by Monkeywash January 24, 2010
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you can see it before you can see it
Dude, that can is totally pre-visable!
by adam keil June 24, 2010
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A new word for people who aren't good at spelling visible, for some reason...
"Converts the custom colors mentioned above to more visable colors."
by ItsChobblesome July 12, 2023
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