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A person who regularly submits terrible or nonsensical posts to an internet forum.
These shitposters are screwing up the forums!
by homer55 July 30, 2007
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Someone who uses social media and rants, talks shit, or just belittles everything because they are either bored or have way too much time on their hands.
"Man, this shit poster is so angry all the time, why does he belittle every single thing?"
by XoTron December 24, 2018
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Someone who takes to some normie ass social site like facebook and shares shit like africa by toto ALL THE TIME. People who generally have weak meme games.
person 1: Sam Palmer is such a shitposter
person 2: Someone should tell him the shitposting needs to stop
Sam P: Im not a shit poster (lies)
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by slavdancer February 01, 2018
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