having kush like qualities, see KUSH
that smells great.. its really kushy!
by CRP July 18, 2005
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A feminine term used to describe Kush, a cute way too. Also used by women when discussing their Kush. See Kush
1. when she picked up on that eighth of kush, she described it as "so totally kushy".

2. Hey little Steve, you got my kushy?
by josh and julie August 20, 2006
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she is an amazing person,a bit aggressive but kind hearted and if you gain her trust she will always support you and go to any end
kushi is my very supportive friend
by kiarasri April 13, 2020
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Hebrew word for black people, considered offensive and as an equivalent to nigga. Derived from the old hebrew name to Ethiopia Kush.
White Israeli guy: Hi Kushi! Go back to sudan!
by DXJ July 20, 2015
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Hebrew slang that translates as "Ape" or "Monkey" and commonly used in place of the n word to insult black or simply darker skinned people.
"Fucking Kushis from Africa turned South Tel Aviv into a shit hole"
by ExposingTheTribe June 25, 2014
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