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Havre de Grace, Maryland, or HdG, is a city located on the edge of the meeting point of the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River in Harford County. Known for its diversity,affordable living,down-to-earth residents and a small-town with the heart of a big city, its population is estimated at 18,000 as of 2007 and is classified as a part Urban and part Suburban community (mind you, in this instance suburban does not mean soft...), with most the community equally divided racially and economically, giving it a unique mix of culture. It has 5 public schools and includes both middle and lower class housing, but with the construction of Bulle Rock, it's upper class population will probably soon be increasing a bit. Havre de Grace includes several tourist attractions, a beautiful view of the bay and river, a unique oppertunity in housing and culture, a hospital, and 4 public parks along the shoreline. Great place to live, considering it's not as boring as it may seem due to it's size, for the density makes up for it.

On the darker side, however, Havre is probably the only small town where you can get mugged just as easily in the good old upper-class communities as in central downtown. Be warned if you're an idiot and plan to move there. As recent as the July 4 carnival of 2006, there was a riot that disturbed the event, and gang activity is present to some amount, so you get the picture.
"Where you wanna go today?"
-"Uhmm...shit how bout Havre de Grace?"
"Aight, then we can go down route 40 to aberdeen afterwards."
by TheManOfAll April 02, 2007
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the ULTIMATE proof that the city is down to earth and the suburbs are spoiled (see example)
Guy: "Hmm, let's see...the median income in downtown havre de grace...$31,000. Races are 64% white,31%black,5%hispanic Kay, kay, liking that..."

Guy: "Now the average income in the suburbs of havre de grace...WHAT? $66,000? WTF MAN, WTF! Well let's see the races...86% white,11% black,2%hispanic,1%asian...WTF MAN."

Guys snobby wife: "Ohh, that second one sounds nice!"
by provedit March 09, 2008
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1.The Decoy Capital of the World, and perhaps more than coincidentally, the Nick-Naming a City for the Most Obscure Inconsequential Bullshit Possible Capital of the world. A rather poor town in Maryland, a state in which any poverty is most likely a result of the place strangling itself with it's own high-ass standard of living.Anyone over the age of 40 living in Havre de Grace probably fucking hates it there.

2.A town filled with Antique shops run by antique people that hate those devilish industries that would bring that uh..what's it...ah, profit, to the town.

3. Seriously, get me the hell out of here.
1.Newcomer-So..a lot of Old people and Black people here in Havre de Grace, huh?
Veter;ahem,Established Resident-Yea. So you want to go carve some wood into the likeness of a duck?

2. Blarg! Tatoo shop!? Restaurant!? What we need is another "Country and Collectibles" store with some fake-cute-actually-retarded name.

3. Dear god, help me.
by pwr 13375 y0 May 25, 2005
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You can call us poor all you fucking want "pwr_yo" or whatever your dumbass fucking name is, but we could fuck you AND your whole community up single-handidly physically and mentally ANY fucking DAY...
If you want to live in fantasy land with your faggot-ass tea-drinking buddies, go to Perry Hall or something, and get the FUCK out of our town if you don't like it.
And our town is NOT dirt poor as it used to be, so once again, FUCK off the poverty issue.
FUCK all the rich whiny little wannabees...
May the real of Maryland be reserved for Baltimore City,Havre de Grace,Aberdeen,Annapolis,Edgewood,and Salisbury;
Anybody anywhere else is a wankster ass fucking BITCH.
You all DISGRACE us. FUCK yus. Oh yeah, and that's OUR phrase too, mother fucker.
by Fuck Yus November 24, 2007
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Gang capital of harford county
alongside edgewood and aberdeen of course
many ignorant bulle rock dwellers deny it.
havre de grace has a lot of gang issues.
90% of all crime there is "gang"-related.
it's not to look cool,it's just what a lot of the younger people there are into,and they take it pretty seriously.
open your eyes.
by gracehead January 19, 2009
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a shitty little city that tries to make up for the fact that it used to be a bunch of broke-ass losers by building new houses and golf courses(bulle rock)

havre de grace is a stupid dump full of undereducated morons, nearly segregated black and white trash, and useless thugs off of the chesapeak bay.

it is chock-full of psychotic fucking knife-loving morons, white trash, niggers, and people that murder people at carnivals in front of little children over 10 dollars.

the common hdg animal also has a strange obsession with throwing humans threw windows; go look at how many windows the fucking middle school orders every year
Guy 1: did you hear about that dumb kid who threw a mcdonalds employee threw a window yesterday over giving him crispy instead of grilled
Guy 2: yeah wtf he was a fucking moron
Guy 1: hes from havre de grace
Guy 2: oh! that explains a lot

What a bunch of fucking retards
by you faggots November 30, 2007
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