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noun: a ridiculously large amount of cocaine or methamphetamine lined up in preparation for consumption.
"Damn that restaurant manager is spun. I'll bet he can snort an entire shoreline up his nose."
by restaurant critic April 05, 2012
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Extremely potent strain of marijuana. Unique smell and taste. The dankest shit, seldom found outside Galveston and Houston areas.
I dropped 60 for an eigth of that Shoreline, but damn, that shit is good.
by KAPTIN KRONIC April 13, 2006
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Houston/Galveston strain of weed. very potent so many crystals you can see your reflection in the weed. bought for 130-140 a quarter ounce unless you know the grower. will make an entire room smell in seconds
this shoreline is dank
by shoreline January 02, 2009
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Really crappy city just north of Seattle. Split into two halves by the freeway, Shoreline is an underdeveloped, boring, shitbox that tortures teenagers with its boring-ness. The only pleasant part is Richmond Beach, because thats the most up and coming area. To do anything, people have to brave the traffic to Seattle, because there isn't any public transportation. The school district used to be good, but now is in a horrible deficit, and filled with crappy teachers and corrupt administration.
"I live in Shoreline"

"You mean Seattle?"

"No, Shoreline, its North of Seattle."

"you mean Edmonds?"

"No, Shoreline, its in between those two!"

"Oh! You mean Shitbox-ville. that place is boring man!"
by piuavdsidsndndnd April 03, 2008
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A city just north of Seattle where drugs are easily accessible. Part of the 206.
hey man where you headed

im going up to Shoreline

that place isnt to bad
by the206 November 28, 2006
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A fictional object you tell a newbie or an obnoxious person you don't want around you, to go and obtain. Its purpose is very similar to a left-handed smoke bender or glass hammer.
John: You should let me bite you on Facebook! That vampire application is so fun...

Mike: Oh hey John can you do me a favor and get me 50 feet of shore line? It's all the way over there where I can't hear you.

John: Umm...I don't see it, let me go look for it.
by _method April 28, 2009
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