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A picture of yourself looking like a clown, printed on a 8.5x11 or larger piece of paper. It just screams "who wants to invest in printer ink?". It must tell corny jokes through chat bubbles. The decoy is used in a homeroom class at school so you can place the decoy at your regular seat and go sit with your friends.
The decoy fooled everyone and caused a big distraction in homeroom.
by Bob Decoymaker November 28, 2011
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An Act of Vengeance: To leave a pile of one's own or anothers feces in the middle of a room conspicuously. Upon entrance, the room's owner cleans the said pile. Weeks later, after cleaning and re-cleaning the original spot the owner finds the second pile, inconspicuously placed elsewhere in the room.

The Decoy is a powerful tool and should only be used when true vengeance is sought.

Also colloquially referred to as "the jimmy leg" "THE s.b.d." "the intractable salami" "the Prince of Darkness" or "The hidden menace"
After Saturday's Golf proz and Tennis Hoez party at Sigma Chi, Brendan and I pulled the decoy in those f*cker's chapter room.
by The Holmanimal December 10, 2009
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