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adj. Bogus, Inferior, or of Dubious Provenance.

Origin: The term "Susquehanna" was featured in many Abbot & Costello features, typically as the name of the phony company that the duo were representing, in some type of con.

The term has recently been popularized by the comedian Joey Diaz, on the Joe Rogan podcast, in reference to inferior marijuana (see: Susquehanna Weed).
"You invite me into your home, and you give me this Susquehanna Weed?" - Joey Diaz
by Abu al-Amok December 3, 2011
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A place located in North Eastern, Pennsylvania that is known for its mass quantities of Bars and Rednecks. Everything needed is located on one small strip of road including the local hobo's. The school consists of teachers that worry more about their students tits hanging out than their actually teaching. Students snort anything they can when in the bathrooms, drug deals are the new cool and its acceptable to come to school shitfaced or stoned out of your mind. Susquehanna roads are falling apart and consist of some potholes that may possibly swallow a small car. Its miles away from normal civilization and that could possibly be there for the containment of its toothless inbred population. .. Warning::Run far far away!
Susquehanna is the place not to be.
by SickOFSusky March 11, 2011
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A place in PA. Located in the middle of nowhere. If u do go there u will die of boredom. Attractions: 2 big bridges 1 for cars 1 for trains, bowling ally. WARNING: DO NOT GO MAY COUSE DEATH BY BOREDOM.
Even bread isn't as boring as Susquehanna
by David V Jackson September 3, 2006
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A place in PA. Most boring place in the universe. Best thing to do is sit and do nothing. Attractions: 2 Big bridges 1 for cars 1 for trains, also a bowling ally.
Even bread isn't as boring as Susquehanna.
by David V Jackson September 3, 2006
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Susquehanna pa. A shithole in North east pa.A place that has more toothless idiots than 5 super walmarts cobined,Tons of white trash welfare scum with no ambition to get a job or dental work.These idiots could easily pass for the zombies on the walking dead WITHOUT MAKEUP!!!!
DO NOT DRINK THE WATER.Or it could happen to you to!
Look at the 25 year old dude buying lobster,steaks and crablegs,he must have a decent job.

Nope he's got a ebt card white trash susquehannianfrom susquehanna Pa
by AHOLEOFJACKSON January 10, 2013
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When a woman puts tissue paper in her nose and eats a man's asshole. The tissue paper is used to block the odor
Dianne performed the Susquehanna walrus on Louie for half of a cheese pizza
by Damius Muse July 22, 2021
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