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1.The Decoy Capital of the World, and perhaps more than coincidentally, the Nick-Naming a City for the Most Obscure Inconsequential Bullshit Possible Capital of the world. A rather poor town in Maryland, a state in which any poverty is most likely a result of the place strangling itself with it's own high-ass standard of living.Anyone over the age of 40 living in Havre de Grace probably fucking hates it there.

2.A town filled with Antique shops run by antique people that hate those devilish industries that would bring that uh..what's it...ah, profit, to the town.

3. Seriously, get me the hell out of here.
1.Newcomer-So..a lot of Old people and Black people here in Havre de Grace, huh?
Veter;ahem,Established Resident-Yea. So you want to go carve some wood into the likeness of a duck?

2. Blarg! Tatoo shop!? Restaurant!? What we need is another "Country and Collectibles" store with some fake-cute-actually-retarded name.

3. Dear god, help me.
by pwr 13375 y0 May 26, 2005
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An aggressive term of endearment, that some dumb magazine claims is used in Spain, in place of "fuck you" or "I'm gonna fuck you up"
Jack: Dude, your a cocklocker

(vicious nipple twisting ensues)
by pwr 13375 y0 May 25, 2005
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