Edgewood, MD, located along Route 40 between Joppatowne and Aberdeen in Harford County. Has a rather mixed reputation depending on who's talking about it. Blair kids look down on it. HdG and AberDeen get along with it. And Joppatowne is just kind of there next to it.

Houses about half the black kids in Harford County alongside Aberdeen and HdG. Got plenty of poor people, which is why I love it. If you're from Blair or BalCO, chances are nobody there wants you.

But if you can handle a couple gang problems in an overrall cool community you'll probably like it there. Somebody's always outside, and something's always going on in Edgewood, MD.
Edgewood, Havre de Grace, and Aberdeen are cool considering they are in Harford County.

Blair (Bel Air) is just gay.
by Your name is not mine November 29, 2007
Edgewood is a pretty cool and at times hostile place, but it is probably the most talked about and exagerated hood in Maryland.

Part of the reason for this is it's nearest neighbor is a wealthy suburban neighborhood Bel Air to the North, which has a black population of about 3%, which looks down to its diverse neighbor Edgewood to the south and sticks its nose up to it accordingly; then proceeds to talk trash about it accordingly, as natives of Bel Air tend to do also.

Its neighboring cities Havre de Grace and Aberdeen to the northeast are nearly the same, just less talked about, thus, they are not over-exagerated, so people in those places are themselves, accordingly; as opposed to Edgewood's residents who are fed all the crap from Blair, so they act accordingly.

Lets pretend every place in Harford County is represented by two men: (We will use names)

-Bel Air(George and Walter) is 2 wealthy,suburban,white men living in a large house and a nice townhome.
-Havre de Grace(Joe and Tyrone) is an old, working-class white man and a young black man living in waterfront apartments.
-Aberdeen(Bill and Jamal) is an old rural white man living in the middle of nowhere and a young urban black man living in the projects.
-Edgewood(Tyrell and James) is two very young black men who live in two new, affordable townhomes.

One day, George and Walter decide to visit their neighbors. But, upon seeing they are black, they call the police on Tyrell and James, who in response, get pissed off and beat the living shit out of George and Walter.
by OMGMANOSNAPSUH December 1, 2007
Edgewood, MD, an area along route 40 known for having the worst reputation in Harford County. The result of Baltimore's, Aberdeen's, and Havre de Grace's trash all being dumped into one area.

Half of Edgewood is really nice and half of it is really bad due to the people moving in from the shitty-ass nearby areas such as baltimore aberdeen and havre de grace, and yes, i've seen people shot here, too. *Oh no* But guess what it happens. Every impoverished neighborhood is the similar. It's not exagerated; shit happens.
Key for Edgewood:

East of Route 24 is suburbia.
West of Route 24 is hell.
by Edgewood Man December 12, 2007
Edgewood is a pretty crappy place to be when you want to be your own person. The students including the teachers seem to have been educated around the principle that all beings not like them are inferior. This place is like Mars...with weed, coke, pregnancy, and the most immature kids you will ever meet. It is considered to be hostile at times and should be proceeded with caution

note: This place does not accept EMO kids, High Class Preppy kids, or Losers
so they do not accept themselves(loser category)
A white trash girl who thinks she is the shit walked the halls of Edgewood
by ERIC RYAN HANNON March 5, 2005
A lame ass school in Ashtabula County Ohio where most kids think their shit doesn't stink, like Bria Johnson.
Person 1- "Bria Johnson goes to Edgewood right?"
Person 2- "Yeah, and she thinks her shit doesn't stink"
by lickmynuts01 August 23, 2008
The place to go if you don't get good grades in high school or didn't get a good ACT score, but your parents have money so you were able to go here.

Definitely a kick ass place to go though! All the fun and crazy partying of Madison just a drunk bus ride away, but still a cute little small school atmosphere! Plus it's on a lake!!
"My parents are freakin loaded! but i got an 18 on my ACT and a 2.5 GPA! What can I do???"

"Go to Edgewood! They take anyone!"
by alyak_lezlets September 20, 2009
Edgewood is in Maryland and it just so happens to be the most bad ass area in harford County. Edgewood High School is home of the coolest people around. It has Gangstas, Plenty of Band geeks, and a few gothic people.
75% Black
20% White
5% other
Robber: Give me your money yo!
Person: Stay back Biotch! I go to Edgewood!
Robber: Oh Shit Son! ::Runs away::
by Edgewood Goddess March 13, 2005