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Havertown is a suburb outside of Philadelphia. It isn't on the Main Line, but many there claim to live on it. I live in Havertown, and there are many misconceptions about it. Many jerks from the Main Line call us poor because we live outside of the very wealthy Main Line. Just because we don't have a wardrobe of Abercrombie clothes, a huge house, or go to the top private school doesn't make you better than us. It's quite possible to succeed, and I'm able to attend a top notch high school because I won scholarship money. Up yours Main Line, up yours.
"Oh, she lives in Havertown because she can't afford the main line," Bobby said.

"Actually, Havertown is a great place to live. Stop being stuck up."
by Havergirl40 January 06, 2013
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A city in located in suburban Philadelphia in Haverford Township, Delaware County. It has the privilege of being surrounded on three sides by the affluent towns of Broomall, Ardmore, and Haverford and the curse of butting up against Upper Darby on the fourth. The school district is excellent, and the neighborhoods are safe. The Main Line is a stone's throw away, which gives you access to all it has to offer: schools, first-class shopping, bike trails, etc. On the down side, Havertown is full of soccer moms who won't think twice about blocking the aisle in Super Fresh and refusing to let you pass, cutting you off in traffic, or stealing your primo parking spot at the Manoa Shopping Center. Their husbands are terrors, too, who will try to run you down at crosswalks with their Beamers and get mouthy if you hold up the line at the bank or the supermarket. Havertown kids are loud and rude and think they're gangsta when they're not. The cops are lazy but have plenty of energy to secret themselves in the dark recesses of the Swell Bubble Gum parking lot every Saturday night in the hope of nailing speeders. Havertown has lots of Havertrash, people who had to settle for Havertown because they couldn't quite afford that McMansion on the Main Line; as a result, their attitudes are foul and they take their disappointment out on those around them.
We moved to Havertown because the Main Line was too expensive.
by Slovakchick December 13, 2010
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Havertown.... A town where you'll find drunken ass kids walking around on almost every street. Drinking and smoking or just getting fucked up is the only thing to do because there's absolutely no way to entertain yourself or have fun any other way. You can always find a nice party and the main choice for beer is "Natty Ice", which you'll find empty cans in every almost every park. You can always find weed and find kids who sell eho which think they are "El Chapo." You can always find some bad bitches around here and it takes about 5 minutes to take them to your house for the night. There a variety of different kids which includes; Prepy frat kids (who think they're better then everyone else, Athletes, hardasses, so called "gangstas", junkies (drug addicts), thots, and normal everyday people. Havertown is a very unique place, and a good place to raise your children if you want them to be a bunch of drunks who know how to party. Cops in Havertown are and will be the biggest assholes you'll ever meet in your life. They love going after drunk teenagers and pot smokers and will go to any lengths just to catch you, so you got to be on alert at all times. Every kid who lives in Havertown wants to get out and move as far away as possible, but once they leave they miss it and would do anything to go back. You can leave Havertown but the Havertown will never leave you! (This is also a fact)
"Yo wanna go to Havertown and get fucking mangled?"
by Sidjenskck September 30, 2017
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