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The commerical hub of the Main Line. Chock full of banks, pizza shops, classy restaurants, artsy coffee shops, and BMW's, Audi's and Lexus's coursing through Lancaster Avenue at any given time of day. Also home to one of the original IHOP restaurants. Ardmore is a fairly diverse town, and does not have the reputation for being as money-laden as adjacent municipalities such as Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Wynnewood. Suburban Square, one of the first outdoor shopping centers, is located here.
Ardmore attracts the wealthy patrons of the Main Line because of its well-known business district.

Many residents of West Philly shop in Ardmore since Suburban Square is only a stone's throw away from the train platform.
by aquarius32 March 28, 2010
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A town in southern Oklahoma with one of the highest crime rates in the United States. 99% of the teen population is on Ecstasy and LSD with 50% already experimenting with cocaine, heroine, and crystal meth. There are also lots of blacks. The only place interesting is Wal Mart, open 24 hours a day.
Richard Simmons: Let's go to Ardmore.

Leeroy: Fuck you
by Mystikal317822454325098 December 07, 2008
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Old Irish/Gaelic word meaning skidmark.
On my way from Oklahoma City to Dallas I made an Ardmore stop. I cant get the smell out of my nose. I think I have VD even though I didn't have sex. And I'm a grandparent now ? What in the fuck...
by Come on meow December 19, 2016
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Home of a mixer of Blacks, Rich White kids and Poor Degos, often reffered to suburb trash and the murder capital of the Delco area. White kids rep it because there are black kids there. And The Black Kids beat the Whites up for there bike. Home of nothing better to do but go to sev or hit up some weed.

Home of Spring Ave
"Yo tryin to hit up the A tonight"

"Nigga jacked my bike up on spring lets rally tha sheldon lane crips"

"Lets fuck them Ardmore Bulls"
by Mike Rally July 01, 2009
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