Short for shove it up your ass. If your not using it as an insult, your an idiot
Up yours you inbred cocksucking piece of dogshit.
by Black Knight August 2, 2004
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An expression used in return to an action or comment that was offensive. It is referring to something being stuck up the other person's butthole.
person #1: Yo, you're a fucking bitch!
person #2: Up yours!
by jillybean November 5, 2003
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Person 1: See? This never woulda happened if you'd just listened...
Person 2: Up yours!
by Oh the insanity... November 6, 2003
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-another way of telling someone to shut up or telling them to fuck off
-Your teeth are crooked as fuck
-Up yours
by nicole April 20, 2004
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rude response to a question or comment that really pissed you off.
by Chewy November 5, 2003
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An insult equvilant to; "Fuck off", "Shut up", "Get lost". etc.
It is NOT however British (In particular) meaning "Fuck you". Thats just silly. "Up Yours" means as much in Britain as it does in any other part of the English-speaking world. Eg. See the top of the page.
Ben: "Your ice-cream fucking sucks!"
Jerry: "You ram goats Mother-fucker!"
Ben: "Up yours!"
by Andrew Marshall November 21, 2007
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